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The Game lashed out against photographers last night, threatening to go all Kanye, and it was all in defense of Khloe Kardashian.

TMZ is reporting that Khloe and Game were getting swarmed as they walked out of Tru Nightclub and Game put all the paparazzi on notice, shouting, “Put your cameras down, or there’s gonna be 7 broke cameras!”

And just to make sure the paps were paying attention, Game played the Yeezy card, adding, “You thought Kanye was a problem? I’m a REAL problem!”

As for what set Game off,  the crowd around Khloe was seriously obnoxious shouting comments about Lamar Odom‘s crack addiction, and coming on to her. Problem is the photogs weren’t the ones yelling that stuff. Seems like ther were some interlopers and haters in the bunch.

Either way, The Game got pretty heated and it looked like things were going to get out of control. But the video ends before any punches were throne, and it look slike Game and Khloe and their friends went into W Hotel before things got out of hand.

Watch the video here.

Photo Credit Getty Images