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Brooklyn-born emcee Joey Bada$$ is firing back at Kendrick Lamar for claiming he's "king of New York." 

Lamar made the bold declaration on Big Sean's track "Control," creating a wave of debate.  Joey has responded with the track "Killuminati Part 2," in which he takes aim at Kendrick by punning on his hit "Swimming Pools."   

On the track, Joey also declares himself "the real king fella," adding that Kendrick is more like the "prince of Bel-Air." 

As if being the self-proclaimed king of New York weren't enough, Joey also compares himself to legendary New York rappers Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun and Nas. 

The track wraps up with a clip from a recent interview Joey did with MTV, in which the interviewer declared that Kendrick would have to "deal with" Joey Bada$$ for claiming to be the "king of New York." 

*Warning: Explicit language

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