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(Yahoo!) - Now with "Black Skinhead," Kanye might be saying that about his own clip,which has been retitled "Blkkk Skkkn Head" for the video release. The use of the "KKK" hints at the racism the song tackles, with the clip opening with three figures sporting black KKK-like hoods.

In the stark black-and-white clip, 'Ye appears shirtless and ripped, wearing nothing but a huge gold chain and his "leather black jeans," hopping around like a boxer ready to jump into the ring. Aside from some brief shots of wolves and someone dressed as a weird sci-fi creature, it's all Kanye, all the time.


The video was produced by Donda, the creative house named for Kanye's late mother, in conjunction with noted photographer and director Nick Knight. It also features all sorts of interactive features that allow users to manipulate the sound and imagery and capture still photos from the clip.