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Gloria Carter says her son is the ultimate daddy! At a Mother’s Day event in support of the Shawn Carter Foundation, Grandma Carter told Us Weekly that Hova can hardly contain his joy when it comes to 16-month-old Blue Ivy.

“It warms my heart to see how he interacts with his daughter,” she said. “And when she says, ‘Papa,’ he just melts. He’s a great dad.”

Gloria added that she’s fully enjoying her role as grandmother to Blue, after having raised Jay-Z and his three siblings single-handedly while also holding down a job as an investment analyst for the city of New York.

“The amazing thing about being a grandmother is that you go get the kids, but when you’re tired, you can take them home!” she said with a laugh. (When asked if the superstar couple would want more grandchildren, Gloria responded with an “I think so!”)

These days baby Blue Ivy is learning the meaning of “hello” and “bye bye.”  “She’s very very smart,” Gloria shared. “But [the TV show Babies Choice] teaches the babies that when you say hello, that means you’re going to be around. But when you say, ‘bye bye,’ it means you’re going to disappear. So when you’re around her, when she looks at you and she’s tired of you, she looks at you and she says, ‘bye bye!’”

“So with me I’m like, ‘No bye bye! No bye bye!’” she added with a laugh.


Photo Credit Splash News